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Features of NovaTraderEx


    Trading can never be easier than this. One account to manage all types of digital assets. Execute any orders with the convenience on your PC, laptop and mobile devices anywhere and anytime.


    Every account is protected by multi-layer authentication that combines both email and SMS verification methods, together with 2FA authenticator app.


    Our support team are always happy to assist, should you require any assistance during your trading experience. Contact us by dropping us an email or leave us a message using the support ticket desk. We are always there to help.

Risk warning

Digital asset trading can be considered a high-risk activity, where prices are volatile, and can swing wildly from day to day. Please use your extreme judgement when making decisions to buy or to sell digital assets. NovaTraderEx is not soliciting users to buy or sell digital assets as an investment or for guaranteed profits. All digital asset trading decisions should be made independently by the user.